The type Vertical-AquaClean 8000plus (VE-GE8000)

The Aerolet vertical toilet lift in combination with the Geberit AquaClean8000plus (hanging model) is the ideal solution for optimum independence, hygiene and privacy.

By a gentle pressure on the control, the toilet seat lowers you to AquaClean bowl level. With the small press-button (left or right) on the foldaway arm support front, it is possible to control the bidet system. It cleans your behind with a soft, body temperature water stream and pleasantly dries with a stream of warmed air. For lifting you to your standing level, the control on the arm support must pushed again. The torso is totally supported; no leg muscles are required.

Sizes Type Vertical-AquaClean (VE-GE8000)
Width 66,5 cm
Width with fold-away arm supports 68,5 cm
Depth (front to back) 50 cm
Depth with fold-away arm supports 72 cm
Height adjustments:
Min. toilet seat height approx. 43 cm
Max. toilet seat rise when                 40 / 46 / 50 cm height
83 / 89 / 93 cm
Fold-away arm supports when
40 / 46 / 50 cm height

69 / 75 / 79 cm
Maximum load 150 Kg (330 lbs)
Power connection
Length power cable
275 cm
Stainless steel / High quality steel
Epoxy- and cathodic electro coating
ABS-PMMA covers
Colour White
24 months

Technical modifications to be reserved!
Aerolet  is a registered trade name!
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