The type Vertical Shower (VE-SH)

The Aerolet shower lift is ideal for users with non or very limited flexion in hips and/or knees. The lift is standard equipped with back support, fold-away closed or open seat, and fold-away arm supports.

The arm supports move along with the user and give constant support.
When the arm supports are not necessary, the lift will be equipped with
a separate hand control.

Sizes Type Vertical-Shower (VE-SH)
Width 45 cm
Width with fold-away arm supports 57 cm
Depth (front to back) 64 / 27 cm
Depth with fold-away arm supports 72 cm
Height adjustments:
Min. shower seat height from floor 34 cm
Max. shower seat rise when                 40 / 46 / 50 cm height
80 / 86 / 90 cm
Fold-away arm supports when
40 / 46 / 50 cm height

63 / 69 / 73 cm
Maximum load (wall-model) 125 Kg (275 lbs)
Power connection
24v/230v or with your domestic Volt
Length power cable
250 cm
Stainless steel
Epoxy electro coating
Colour White
24 months


Technical modifications to be reserved!

Aerolet   is a registered trade name!
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