The type Vertical-Standard (VE-ST)

This type Toiletlift will be applied for a vertical 'stand-up' motion. The Toiletlift is ideal for users with none or very limited flexion in hips and/or knees, what possible restrictions in moving the torso forward might have caused.

The vertical Toiletlift offers the perfect support to achieve the right natural 'stand-up' motion. The very quiet Toiletlift is ideal for people who have arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, post polio, muscle loss in their legs, hemoplegia, stroke and other disabling conditions.

The Toiletlift is standard equipped with foldaway arm supports. During the sitting down and stand-up motion these arm supports move along with the user and give constant support. No leg muscle is required.

The toilet seat rise depends on the bowl height. When the bowl is 40 cm high, the maximum rise is 85 cm and when the bowl is 50 cm high, the maxi- mum rise is 95 cm.

Sizes Type Vertical (VE-ST)
Width 66,5 cm
Width with arm supports 68,5 cm
Depth (front to back) 53,5 cm
Depth with arm supports 72 cm
Height Adjustments:
Min. toilet seat height ca. 43 cm
Max. toilet seat rise when                    40 / 46 / 50 cm height
83 / 89 / 93 cm
Fold-away arm supports when             40 / 46 / 50 cm height
69 / 75 / 79 cm
Maximum Load 150 KG (330 lbs)
Power Connection
Length Power Cable
275 cm
Stainless Steel / High quality steel
Epoxy- and Cathodic electro coating
ABS Covers
Colour White
24 months

Technical modifications to be reserved!
Aerolet  is a registered trade name!
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