The type Bariatric (BA)

Standing up from the toilet is an important movement. If standing is becoming difficult, one can try to adapt the seat height. This is achieved using higher bowls (46 or 50 cm) or by using another higher, riskier toilet seat. The bowl is then high enough that one can stand by oneself (and a caregiver does not have to bend), but other problems arise.

Too high is also not good!

A bowl that is too high can lead to difficulty with defecation or insufficient 'urine flow'. Ideally, the bowl height should be variable: higher for standing up and lower for defecation.

Solution: the Aerolet toilet lift offers the perfect support to achieve this movement, irrespective of the users' build. The maximum acceptable weight is 250 Kg (550 lbs).
The toilet lift type Bariatric will be delivered with an 'Big John' toilet seat, which is suitable for heavier persons.

Sizes Type - Bariatric (BA)
Width 67,5 cm
Width with arm supports 65-70 cm
Depth (front to back) 58 cm
Depth with arm supports 68 cm
Height adjustments:
Min. toilet seat height approx. 43 cm
Lowerleg length 36-54 cm
Max. toilet seat rise when                    40 / 46 / 50 cm height
approx. 100 / 106 / 110 cm (size I)
Arm supports when                             40 / 46 / 50 cm height
63-89 / 69-95 / 73-99 cm
Maximum load 250 Kg (550 lbs)
Power connection
Length power cable
275 cm
Stainless steel / High quality steel
Epoxy- and cathodic electro coating
ABS-PMMA covers
Colour White
24 months

Technical modifications to be reserved!
Aerolet  is a registered trade name!
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Aerolet Bariatric

Aerolet Bariatric

Fixation 'Big John' Toilet seat
Fixation 'Big John' seat

Big John Toilet seat
'Big John' Toilet seat