The type Geberit WC7000 (GE-7000)

Do you like a clean and fresh feeling after you have been to the toilet?
And do you attach importance to hygiene and comfort?
And do you have function-limits to arms and/or hands?
And do you have difficulty standing or sitting down on the toilet bowl?

Then the Aerolet toilet lift type Geberit Shower WC7000 is the ideal solution for optimum safety and toilet hygiene. The Geberit Shower WC bidet system cleans your behind with a soft, body temperature water stream and pleasantly dries with a stream of warmed air. Please note, to accommodate the Aerolet toilet lift, the Geberit must be equipped with the Geberit hand control device as the toilet lift obscures the normal control panel.

Sizes Type - Geberit WC7000 (GE-7000)
Width 76 cm
Width with arm supports 68-74 cm
Depth (front to back) 58 cm
Depth with arm supports 68 cm
Height adjustments:
Min. toilet seat height approx. 45 cm
Lowerleg length 36-54 cm
Max. toilet seat rise when                   40 / 46 / 50 cm  height
approx. 100 / 106 / 110 cm (size I)
Arm supports when                             40 / 46 / 50 cm height
63-89 / 69-95 / 73-99 cm
Maximum load 150 Kg (330 lbs)
Power connection
Length power cable
275 cm
Stainless steel / high quality steel
Epoxy- and cathodic electro coating
ABS-PMMA covers
Colour White
24 months

Technical modifications to be reserved!
Aerolet  is a registered trade name!
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