The Aerolet Toiletlift from Economic Holland b.v. is an ergonomic toilet-aid designed to facilitate independent toilet use for anyone with a reminder capacity of 25% of muscular strength.

Click here for an interactive moving Aerolet Toiletlift

Unique concept- multi-adaptation
An important advantage of the Aerolet Toiletlift is the adaptability to the user. The Aerolet Toiletlift is adjustable to leg length and the level of trunk-stability.

Optimum movement
Based on the natural motion of standing, the Aerolet Toiletlift offers ideal support by moving the trunk forward and locating the centre of gravity above the feet as the knee and hip joint stretch synchronously.

Advantages :
  • Optimum support for the natural standing up motion
  • The user maintains constant contact with the floor allowing a stable seat position
  • The normal seat position stimulates defecation
  • Easy to use electronic controls
  • The arm supports (possible foldaway) are height adjustable
  • The Aerolet can be used in combination with drying and cleaning systems (Geberit, Closomat, etc)
  • Fast and easy installation
Greater safety in assisting patients decreasing risk for caregivers and family members