Economic Holland

The balanced traction frame manufactured by Economic Holland provides possibilities for bone-fracture treatment on every bed-type. It has, in contrast with the existing 'weight-systems', many improvements.


  • The various procedures for setting us several basic traction frames can easily be installed and adjusted, and provides significant time savings in assembly;
  • This method of balanced suspension & traction provides safety by avoiding sudden loss of traction such as occurs with a loss of weight on a conventional traction pulley system;
  • The total system is usually lighter and is easily stored and transported;
  • Automatic adjustment of traction and support forces is an important feature;
  • Springdrums can be used on all types of tractions; such as octagonal clamp bar systems (Kinetec, Zimmer, OSI, etc.)

Economic Holland

More information

For detailed information you can contact us. We have a video tape or CD-Rom and catalogue available, in which all aspects of our Traction System are treated.