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Since 1968, Economic Holland b.v. has been engaged in the manufacture, production, sales, import and export of:

  • Orthopedic and surgical products for hospitals, nursing homes and care institutions
  • Nursing products for hospitals, nursing homes and care institutions
  • Homecare and rehabilitation devices for the elderly and handicapped.

The management team consists of founders Gerard and Huub Huijerman. We both have dedicated years to the invention, development and expansion of our range of patient care systems. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating our products and maintain regular contact with our clients.

This website contains an extensive catalogue of our range. For more information about these fine products, use the 'Contact' or 'E-mail' buttons.

Quality Economic Holland products, offering maximum patient satisfaction, are supplied to University, Government and Private Health Institutions.

Economic Holland
Economic Holland


We welcome you in our new display centre, where a different range of our products are showed. For finding our premises, please press the 'button' Contact for an itinerary.

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